Majestic business payment account completely simplifies your international transactions in multiple currencies.

Majestic Business Account

In today's global economy, online payment processes are a major part of business daily financial conduct. Majestic allows companies and businesses to open accounts in multiple currencies for global SWIFT and SEPA collection and processing, giving ability to always accept and send payments in the currency of their supplier, customer or business partner. For businesses, this allows for creating a big competitive advantage over competitors who are obliging their customers to send payments in their local currency only. Usage of Majestic reduces risk of loss on foreign exchange and improves financial performance of our clients in the transaction processes performed across international borders.

With Majestic Business account you can:

  • Access your accounts anywhere in the world online 24/7
  • Create sub-accounts instantly online to give a single access for all accounts and all currencies
  • Collect and process transactions internationally at competitive costs
  • Use the currency your suppliers, customers and business partners want to use
  • Transfer between different currency accounts at competitive foreign exchange costs
  • Enjoy the security of a European licensed and regulated payment institution

The ultimate EU regulated bank account alternative.
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