Unifying the market, increasing the transparency and speed in payment services, reducing the cost and creating cross-border relationships in one platform.

Majestic Omnibank Platform

In modern world, online payment processes are a major part of corporate as well as individual daily financial conduct. Majestic omnibank platform allows for creation of a cross-border relationship of communities of common business interest within one platform. By creating business or community networks under Majestic omnibank payment platform, our clients can benefit from speed, security and low cost of multi-currency internal transfers. In addition, to allow for convenience and simplicity and to reduce errors and to minimize delays. International trade between merchants, suppliers and customers spread across the globe becomes local and community members will increase their international business and financial performance by offering payment capabilities in multiple currencies. Bring your partners closer and process the payments in their local currency. Refer your suppliers and customers to open accounts with Majestic and thus increase the value chain of all members of your business community.

In Majestic omnibank platform you can:

  • Access to accounts anywhere in the world online 24/7
  • Create sub-accounts instantly online to give a single access for all accounts and all currencies
  • Collect and process transactions internationally at competitive costs
  • Use the currency your suppliers, customers and business partners want to use
  • Transfer between different currency accounts at competitive foreign exchange costs
  • Enjoy the security of a European licensed and regulated payment institution

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